Jobs and Volunteering At Festivals: Volunteer Testimonials

Jobs and Volunteering At Festivals: Volunteer Testimonials

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Danielle Birkhead:
“Working at Glastonbury is a fabulous way of officially beginning the summer holidays. The shifts are long but you always get to work with friends and make some really fun festival friends too. You hear all the behind-the-scenes festival gossip and get a backstage pass. Plus you get paid to be there! What more could you ask for, eh?”

Katrina Aimston:
"I love love LOVE working at Festivals. I’ve worked at loads of festivals including Reading, Download and many more."

"I’d recommend signing up to volunteer instead of working, the shifts are so much smaller with volunteering and if you get a great bunch of people you have a meeting to organise who wants to see what bands."

"Some festivals even let you do your work after the festival or many let you do your shifts in the morning so you can enjoy the rest of your day. I would highly recommend it to those who are a bit short of money."

Aaron Close:
"Well then, Festivals. Working at them. Firstly not for the faint hearted! You need to decide what kind of festival you want to work at, the sleepy family hippy kind, the all colours dancing kind or the big dirty hectic corporate ones."

"They all have different benefits, and ask yourself if you want to work your ticket or get paid as well. I would plump for the former 'part-timer' role, you won't get paid but you get to be a tangible part of something, you'll meet loads of talented, creative and dedicated people and you'll learn about yourself too without having to sacrifice too much of that festival feeling."

"It can be tough work though, at my first festival our stage was at the bottom of the site which was on a hill. It had been raining for days before we arrived and the first two days were spent trying to dry out the space and digging trenches to redirect the mud & rainwater!"

"The next one was pure brilliance. A good balance of work and partying, the site was big enough to keep us occupied even in the middle of the night and the weather was good, which is always something to be thankful for at a UK festy."

"Before you actually work at a festival properly my advice is go to your favourite festival and make yourself useful in a subtle way, collect some teacups during a busy period or ask about helping out with a shift in a cafe, bar or stall."

"Above all make sure when you ARE working get in the festival mood, dress up, have a drink or two (and whatever else) but above all have fun!"

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