Jobs and Volunteering at Festivals FAQ's

Jobs and Volunteering at Festivals FAQ's

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Whether it’s a paid job or a volunteer role, it’s important to know what to expect before you sign up to these positions. Apart from the below FAQ’s we also have a testimonials page where festival fans have shared their experience of working at Festivals.

What age do I need to be to work at a festival?
Regardless of whether you are working behind the bar or not, most if not all festivals require you to 18 or over to work for them.

What roles are available for me to apply for?
There is a wide variety of jobs available including:

Stewarding, Wrist banding, Shop Work, Bar Work, CAT Volunteer, Recycling, Litter Picking, Reception and many more.
However some jobs sourced by event contractors will require certain qualifications like a forklift licence.

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What will my working hours be like?
This differs from festival to festival and is dependent on your role.

It’s important to think what you want from your position, if you want to be able to enjoy the festival then we stress that you have a proper look around and find positions that require smaller shifts.

If you are all about the volunteering then again have a proper look to see if there are any more environment or charity fundraising positions you’d like to help with

Some festivals may only ask you to work 4 hours a day when some ask anything up to split shifts of 18 hours a day.

A few festivals will give you the option to work before or after the event which is ideal depending on how much you plan to party over the weekend if you accept an after shift.

What are the perks of working at festivals?
Did we mention you get given a festival ticket?

You also can’t beat that feeling of knowing that something you have done has gone towards everybody’s festival experience. Whether it's assisting on the campsite, running a friendly bar or helping the organise with the cleanup.

Another great perk of working at a festival is that festival staff are provided with a separate area with toilets, showers, a separate bar with meals, all untouched by the general public.

You also get to meet some amazing people, You will often find that a certain type of personality signs up to work or volunteer at festivals and these are usually the kind of people who are sociable and easy to get along with.

If you are interested in helping charity then some organisations like Oxfam or The Workers Beer Company will even donate your wages to a charitable cause.

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Will I actually get to enjoy the festival outside of my jobs?
Of course, judging from our testimonials, teams get to organise their shifts so that everybody gets to enjoy the festival at some point each day. Whether you are working a 4 hour shift or a 18 hour shift.

What do I need to apply?
The list of documents needed varies from festival to festival, but all will require proof of ID, national insurance number if you’re working in the UK and anything else that proves you are legal to work in the country.

Alot of companies require you to pay a refundable deposit for your position, This is just to ensure that you are serious about your position and you will get your deposit back once your work is completed. For UK festivals you can expect to pay anything from £20 - £170 towards your deposit.

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Other things to consider
1) Failure to attend shifts will result in you being blacklisted from further events, many festivals are known to pass on names of those blacklisted ruining your chances to volunteer in the future. You will also be refused your refundable deposit so as you can see not attending shifts is something we don’t recommend.

2) Plan early, once you have done your research note down when registration for your position opens. Some festivals and festival recruitment companies do not open spaces till March whereas some open as soon as that current festival is finished.

3) When you are actually at a festival and you see someone doing a job you wouldn’t mind doing, ask them how they got their role. At least you’ll know where to start in your job search.

We hope this article has answered your queries and interest, in our opinion working at festivals is a great opportunity for so many reasons. You get to give a golden shine to your cv, free admittance to a festival and a chance to meet some amazing people along the way.

However don’t take our word for it, why not read our volunteer testimonials.

If you have been a volunteer or an employee why not share your experience with us? Drop an email to [email protected]