Rebellion Festival 2013

Rebellion Festival 2013

Festival (Parent Wiki): 
Event Date: 
Thursday, August 8, 2013 to Sunday, August 11, 2013

16 Guns, 3CR, A-Heads, ABBA Sensation, Alex Maiorano, Andy T, Angry Agenda, Anthrax, Anti-Establishment, Argies, Argy Bargy, Artuto Lurker, Bank Holiday Jez, Bite Back, Blaggers ITA, Buster Shuffle, Captain Sensible, Chas & Dave, Choking Susan, Chron Gen, Church Of Confidence, Citizen Fish, Cockney Refects, CockSparrer, Control, Crashed Out, Criminal Mind.

Deadliner, Dirtbox Disco, Discharge, Dogsflesh, Dragster, Duncan Reid & The Big Heads, Eddie And The Hot Rods, Electric River, Evacuate, External Menance, Fire Exit, Foreign Legion, GBH, Geoffrey Oi!Cott, Gimp Fist, Goldblade, Hagar The Womb, Hardskin, Harrington Saints, Healthy Junkies, Hotwired, In Evil Hour, Infa Riot, Jaya the Cat , Jello Biafra And The Quantanamo School of Medicine, Jericho Hill , Karma Party, King Prawn, Leatherface, Left Alone, Legend In Japan, Lene Lovich Band, Liz Is Evil, Loaded 44, Lost Cherrees, Louise Distras, Mauri Clash City Rocker, Maximum RNR, Mongey Crew, Monkish, New Model Army

On Trial, Paul Carter , Pink Hearse, Potential Victims, Prairie Dugz, Radical Dance Faction (RDF) , Random Hand, Reazione, Red Alert, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Roughneck Riot , RSI , Ruts DC, Science Made Us Robots, Screama Ballerina, Sick on the Bus, Skurvi, Skuyela, Sky Rocket Jack, Slime, Smokey Bastard

Special Duties, Splodgenessabounds, Steve Ignorant, Stomper 98, Strawberry Blondes, Street Dogs, Subhumans, T.S.O.L, Texas Terri Bomb, The Adolescents, The Astronauts, The Beatlesons, The Brains, The Business, The Casualties, The Creepshow, The Crows, The Damned , The Defects, The Dipsomaniacs, The Drones, The Duel, The Exploited, The Kids, The Lambrettas , The Long Tall Texans, The Mahones,The Menzingers

The Misfits, The Mob , The Neville Staple Band, The Offenders, The Peacocks, The Prowlers, The Rabble, The Restarts, The Riffs, The Smears, The Stitches , The Terraces, The Vibrators, Topbuzzer , UK Subs, Vice Squad, Victims of Circumstance, Vince Ray and The Boneshakers, Walter Lure , Wasted Life