Why not?

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Submitted by TheRevolutionary on 2013, August 19 - 10:53am

Why don't your organise stuff in China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Yemen, Czechoslovakia, Tasmania, Oman, Pakistan, Israel, Iraq, iran, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, , Phillipines, Malaysia, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Singapore, Brazil, Russia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and other places??

Since you are good, you should extend your services.

2013, August 24 - 3:56pm

Moon, Jupiter and Mars? lol

2013, August 31 - 12:24am

You definitely have a sense of humor lol, but jokes aside, the countries that have been mentioned have mild to serious logistics and security problems and you really don't want an event that you have been planning and organizing for months to flop by either some of your equipment not arriving or arriving late and damaged. There is also a group of guys that like blowing themselves up (literally) in the name of their "cause" which is to get rid of us who are "less worthy" lol.

2013, August 24 - 8:58pm

Well, even though that would be nice, (besides the part about 3 distant planets) it takes a lot of time and hard work to organize a festival. It's not something that can just be done overnight. Also, a lot of the places you named may have very different rules when it comes to organizing a festival as well.

2013, September 1 - 3:10pm

I'm from the Philippines and even if we would LOOOOVE to have a festival here, it doesn't seem very feasible. I think the music interest of the people here are a bit scattered. Though EDM is becoming a big thing here, I don't think it would be enough to fill up festival grounds. Last year there was one called Exception Music Festival. It was organized by Big Fish (they bring in international DJ's several times a year which I always attend. The people who attend these events are mostly always the same people. I see them every event. So I reckon they would be the same ones at the festival too plus others). It's probably the biggest trance event in the Philippines so far. They had a lot of good DJ's come like Mat Zo, W&W, etc. There were a lot of people and the event was a success so they're doing another one this year. This could be the start!

Apart from that, big names have been coming here individually, names like Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, Armin Van Buuren, Sander Van Doorn, Alesso, etc. But never at the same time for one all out music festival!