Tomorrowland tickets with no name

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Submitted by DooDa on 2013, July 2 - 10:42pm

I bought 4 Full Madness Passes from Viagogo (I was naive, I didn't know secondary markets might be a problem beforehand). Just got the link to download the tickets last week. The funny thing is all the tickets do not have names on them. 'Client Name' is left blank. I wrote to the official ticket issuers, Paylogic and have not heard anything for over a week. Would anyone out there be able to give me some advice on what to do? Viagogo assures me they have been reselling Tomorrowland tickets every year and it has never been a problem. I'm worried. Thanks!

2013, July 8 - 1:38pm

I also bought tomorrowland tickets from viagogo and they have no client name on them. I have not recieved a response to my emails relating to my concerns about this which I have emailed to viagogo twice. I also emailed paylogic and they responded asking me for the email address the tickets were originally sent to and also the order number.I did not email paylogic back as I was worried my tickets would be blacklisted because I purchased them as a third party. Has anyone used tickets without a client name on them or does anyone know if this is normal?

2013, July 8 - 6:44pm

I also emailed tomorrowland official email and advised my ticket did not have a name on it and asked if I would have any issue exchanging my ticket for a bracelet at the festival. The response I received was "all information is written on the ticket!" This was not very helpful so don't waist your time emailing tomorrowland.

2013, July 9 - 2:38am

Helz and dooda can you let me know how you go. I am waiting on tomorrowland to change name on ticket from friend - but i havent heard back from them and dont know how much longer i can wait. Was considering buying from viagogo as have already bought plane tickets from aus to belgium :S any assistance would be appreicated. thanks, al

2013, July 14 - 11:40pm

Alistair here is un update for you. viagogo finally replied to say they guarantee entrance to the festival. I also spoke to someone else who has purchased these tix and he has told me they should b fine as he spoke to viagogo as well and the bracelets will be in our name when we show our ID with the tix at the entrance. He also told me he had spoken to someone who has used tix from viagogo at past tomorrowland events and they were fine so If you can afford to pay the crazy price they are asking for the tix then you should have no dramas with them. Hope that helps.

2013, July 23 - 1:05pm


I also have a ticket with no 'Client Name'. I was wondering if someone else in addition to Helz has an update on this issue. Was anybody able to change their name on the e-tickets? Thanks.

2013, July 28 - 3:22pm

Are you supposed to fill it in yourself after you print them out? My dad just purchased tickets that didn't have a name or anything on them via internet, and he printed them out with no name, and he got in fine.

2014, February 15 - 7:20pm

where any of you able to get in with the tickets without the names ?? because i just ordered a set of mine through viagogo. HELPPP!!!!

2014, February 15 - 8:54pm

yeah I just bought tickets on there too were you able to get in without the name? I just emailed them asking how Im supposed to put my name on my ticket but no response yet

2014, February 16 - 5:23am

I had no choice to buy from viagogo...really i would i entrance to the festival without name on rhe braclet. And some one know if is it possiable to exchange the printed ticket for the braclets one day before the tomorrowland starts? At the 24th July?

2014, February 16 - 1:31pm

hey guys, just bought tickets on Viagogo for the 2nd weekend this year? I have the following questions: 1) Was your e-ticket exchanged for a wristband on entrance? 2) My ticket is full camping but only says 25th 26th 27th. Dreamville opens on the 24th. Will I be able to enter the festival on the 24th? I should be able to.

Please describe your full experience using these tickets from viagogo please. Thanks.

2014, February 16 - 1:31pm

hey guys, just bought tickets on Viagogo for the 2nd weekend this year? I have the following questions: 1) Was your e-ticket exchanged for a wristband on entrance? 2) My ticket is full camping but only says 25th 26th 27th. Dreamville opens on the 24th. Will I be able to enter the festival on the 24th? I should be able to.

Please describe your full experience using these tickets from viagogo please. Thanks.

2014, February 16 - 3:34pm

I also bought 2nd weekend madness+dreamville tickets on viagogo. And I exactly have same questions with you guys

2014, February 16 - 4:57pm

Yo guys we're all in same situation add me to facebook my name there is Tal Nardia we'll update one each other about the festival tickets... hope i'll see you all in the main entrance to tomorrowland

2014, February 16 - 6:28pm

Hey I have the same question, I bought 3 full madness passes for the 1st weekend and I got an email sayng that I will receive a PDF on May, I should print this mail and bring it to the festival and exchange it for the actual bracelets at the main entrance of the festival on the first day. I would like to hear about previous experiences, does this work? Would I have any issue?

2014, February 16 - 6:50pm

So next year next problem.. is there anybody who can say us if he came in with thoose tickets from viagogo specialy to tomorrowland ? we buy tickets now and are so worried about the personalisation :( sorry for bad english :p

2014, February 16 - 7:29pm

I phoned Viagogo, they say they have a partnership with Tomorrowland. It makes sense to be honest. They said phone tomorrow as the staff are getting briefed tomorrow regarding the tickets and personalisation. The contact number is:


Im really pleased they've said this to me as Im now more certain these tickets are legit. Give them a ring and see what they say.Write back what they say to you.

2014, February 17 - 4:18pm

Hi, I have bought a full madness pass for the 2nd weekend of Tomorrowland (no campping) it was literally a smash and grab to get tickets as we have wanted to go for so long. I dont mind paying the over inflated price aslong as the tickets are legit. I'm slightly worried as the Tommorrowland website states that every ticket is personalised and to stay away from sell on websites it also says it will refuse entry even with written permission from the original buyer. So how is it possible for us to get into the festival unless they are personlised to you? Any reassurance would be appreciated as the next step is booking flights and hotels etc...

2014, February 18 - 9:03am

Same situation, bought the tickets from Viagogo, called them and they told me seller would use my purchase details to put the tickets on my name and that I could exchange them at a Will Call at the event... anyone with the same answer?

2014, February 18 - 1:23pm

Well even tho seller would use your purchase details to personalize it for you how about the case that you used someone else credit card's to buy yourself a ticket or how about you bought plural tickets? It doesn't make sense to use purchase details to personalize tickets without contact us.

2014, February 18 - 6:19pm

Elain, I got the same response as you when I called Viagogo. It's still a bit worrying that I have no proof whether or not the bracelets will be under my name when I get there. However, if this is true its good to know that I won't have to wait for the bracelets to be shipped to me before I leave for Tomorrowland. For those of you who don't though, I've read complaints about Viagogo and customers not receiving their physical tickets on time before the event so if it is possible to pick up the Tomorrowland bracelets at the festival, it might be a benefit for people traveling from other countries. What I understood from the call as well is that the bracelets will not be personalized individually, at least until you get to the site. I'm traveling with 2 friends but the lady I talked to said all I would need to receive the bracelets would be my own id. Lastly, the lady didn't mention to say that I'd bought my tickets from Viagogo which makes me think they have some sort of agreement with Tomorrowland but Viagogo is a 3rd party site which is illegal according to Tomorrowland's terms. In any case, I hoped this helped a bit. I'm not sure any of us will really know until the day of the event but the lady did guarantee that the bracelets would be there upon our arrival.

2014, February 18 - 9:11pm

I guess that's the answer, bring ID, and possibly the e-ticket that they're going to send us, to exchange bracelets... and also If they have an agreement with Tomorrowland it is not going to be public due to the Belgian law that forbids reselling tickets. Anyway, if someone has news post them please!

2014, February 19 - 6:58am

Hi guys, like everyone else who bought tickets from Viagogo i am or was a bit worry. Especially travelling all the way from australia to tomorrowland and to get there and being denied entry!!! I have been on the net for the past few days to try to get an answer and the best thing i found was this :

tomorrowlandtickets2014 just add http ect...

go check it out and let me know what you think! Also if anyone went there last year with Viagogo tickets please let us know how you went!!


2014, February 19 - 4:02pm

When I spoke to Viagogo, it wasn't through phone but they told me completely different information. They said that the bracelet would be sent to my home and that it will already be pre-activated. They then said the repeated 'Viagogo guarantees all tickets and not to worry'

I am worried because the personalisation of tickets will have to be done by 16th March and I have bought two full madness passes, so how could they use my purchase information? I used a different PayPal account which would put them in a different name and if they use my account details then what about the partner I'm going with? a bracelet/ticket would need to be in his name too, surely?

Then again, I'm sure Viagogo wouldn't want to sell tickets to thousands of people, to then get rejected at Tomorrowland... imagine the bad press they would get? and maybe loose money?

2014, February 19 - 10:32pm

I have the same issue you guys do. I ended up emailing Viagogo to see if they would address how the process works and if they had some sort of way of confirming their partnership or an agreement with Tomorrowland, but all the said is that I shouldn't worry and that they guarantee entrance. So they're trying to reassure me, however not really giving any answers. I ended up emailing Tomorrowland both the paylogic dept as well as the fraud department to see if this is legitimate because I'm worried that Tomorrowland may blacklist the tickets. I will update when I know more. I would just hate to travel all the way from Canada and not be able to get into the festival.

2014, February 20 - 7:16am

Danielle let me know what happens as i have purchased 2 Full Madness week end tickets with camping and after reading the official website i am naturally concerned as well! Please let me know their response?

2014, February 20 - 11:59am

We advise all those who bought tickets from ViaGoGo not to worry, people have bought those tickets in the past, even without names on them, and got in fine.

2014, June 2 - 7:26am

hi Wikifestivals, Do you know after getting an email confirming a PDF will arrive, how long does it normally take to arrive. As the email says print this pdf and exchange it at the main entrance for bracelets, thats step 2. step 1 is to get the PDF and so far there is no sign of it. Do you know anyone who has done this procedure in the past an has it worked successfully?? we are coming from a long way away and dont want to have any problems getting in. Hence the many qorried questions. Thanks for your answer in advance!

2014, February 21 - 8:55pm

Hello, i bought on viagogo, and i asked tomorrowland about this. They answered me today : Hello,

Advice: don't buy your tickets from persons you don't know and check websites if they guarantee tickets or a refund when you don't got any.

Last year some visitors had a good experience with ViaGoGo. They guarantee a ticket and if you don't receive any or they don't have tickets, they also guarantee a Refund. The most important thing is that you get a refund.

The prices are high but problem is we can't stop people buying those tickets for a much higher price.'' But how can we make personalization ?

2014, February 22 - 1:46am

There is this grouo in facebook where we are giving feedback about our situation, if anybody wants to join so that we all get updated on this, we are all in the same for tomorrowland via viagogo... look for "Tomorrowland tickets through Viagogo" in facebook

2014, February 22 - 11:05pm

Hey wtf2014, I tried searching for that group on Facebook but I could not find it.

I have a couple of extra tickets and out of curiosity I wanted to see how the Viagogo site works if you sell tickets on it. I tried listing my tickets but it says that I have to wait three to five days as certain information must be verified for my tickets before they can post them on the site. This makes me think that for Tomorrowland tickets they are checking with sellers whether they need to personalise them.

From what I've read, in past years it was possible to take your electronic ticket reservation to go pick up bracelets if you didn't receive them. This seems logical as something could come up so you don't receive them (travelling, bad postal service, unplanned move etc). So what I am guessing is that maybe if someone bought just one ticket or muttiple and sells them to one person, one could just forward the ticket confirmation to be exchanged for a bracelet; But in the case of someone like me, who plans to keep a ticket for themself to go to the festival, it will really be necessary to personalise and receive the bracelets, in which case you would receive the bracelets at home. This could explain why some people are told they will receive a bracelet and others an electronic ticket.

Just an idea, I have no idea how it works. Good luck though!

2014, March 4 - 2:33am

I guess some of bought my tickets... I sold them in viagogo, and i am also worried with the personalization as they have told me to personalize them on my name, and to ship the bracelets as soon as I recieve them. I hope the buyer can access the event if not that ticket guarantee that they give is on my credit card to purchase them valid tickets. It will be much easier if they just provide me the name, email , gender and birth date of the person attending the festival as it is what tomorrowland ask for the personalization

2014, June 2 - 7:20am

Hi Guys! I bought my tickets for weekend 2 tomorroland 2014 2 days ago. I also received this message after paying that said - "In May you will receive an e-mail containing a PDF file with your ticket to Tomorrowland. You need to print this ticket and bring it with you to Tomorrowland. On the day of the event, you will need to exchange your printed ticket for a wristband at the festival’s box office located at Tomorrowland’s main entrance." Has someone recieved their tickets by this pdf way?? How long normally does it take for the PDF to get to us?? Maybe its too early for me to panic but has anyone from last year had this experience?? Please advise how the procedure worked. 1. How long did it take for the pdf to come through in your email 2. Was it wasy to have it changed for wristbands at Tomorrowland's main entrance. 3. Any other tips that you think we could use to get things done faster. 4. Any contact number for tomorrowland or Viagogo that we can use to follow up?? Also is there a contact number for Viagogo that can help put our fears to rest?

2014, June 9 - 12:12am

Hey guys im planning to buy 2 tickets for tomorrowland....but it seems that no one really knows if they will be valid to enter or no right?! This is the 1st year that they need to be personalized right?! No one can enlighten us about this?! Anyone contact or receive any information from tomorrow land about this?!

2014, June 27 - 10:57am

I am in same situation but I got a reply from them saying carry the ticket to main entrance for bracelet in exchange. As it says bracelet should have your name taken by viagogo after payment. Did you go through the same process?.

2014, July 1 - 2:24pm

Hi, i have just called paylogic Germany. They told me that it shouldn´t be a problem to enter with viagogo tickets. I told him that under client name just "Com." stands, he replied that it is okay if i will get my bracelets on the "will call pick up" desk get with passport and invoice. In order to valid that i should send an mail at paylogic and they will check the tickets. i will tell you when i will get an answer. By the way, i don´t need two of my six tickets. maybe someone is interested?

2014, July 4 - 6:44am

any response yet? and does ur ticket under event & purchase details in the white box start off like this on the top line "Tomorrowland - Second Wave - Will Call - WW Sale" and if it does say that, does the text leave the white box and run off the page?

2014, July 8 - 11:18am

Hi everybody,

I have to buy a ticket on viagogo, I received a pdf. with this personalization : Client name = .com

This ticket is good for entrance ? Thanks

2014, July 21 - 9:58am

Yes! I entered yesterday with a ticket from viagogo and username .com They only asked for my ID! Have fun!!!! And if you have spare tickets for the second weekend, let me know ;)))

2014, July 21 - 12:00pm

Jerry, So you managed to get into tomorrowland with no bracelet and a ticket that wasn't specifically in your name? Was there anything you had to do either with the seller or with viagogo before going as viagogo say you have to take your printed ticket to the box office? Thanks, Steven

2014, July 21 - 6:33pm

Hi guys!!

I bought last year my Full Madness Pass through viagogo. Don´t worry, I received my e-tickets with NO NAME, and then I showed it at Tomorrowland Tents in the entrance, to exchange for my bracelets. Of course I had to show my Passport.

I hope it helps you guys!

Enjoy the festival!!!!!

2015, July 10 - 10:21am

I bought mine with the camping.

I now may not end up camping. is that okay?