Tomorrowland, drugs?

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Submitted by Bob on 2013, July 19 - 1:40am

Is Tomorrowland full of drugs and if it is where can I get some?

2013, July 21 - 3:46pm

I've never been and won't be going. But if it is, don't try and bring some yourself, it's pretty risky.

Just look for large groups of people and ask them, then in case they don't they'll just laugh and you go away, if not then, either you get free drugs or buy them off them.

Or, as I would suggest, don't do drugs and enjoy the day, but in the end, do what you prefer to do.

2013, July 21 - 6:58pm

There'll be tonnes of drugs. There's loads at all festivals, especially dance festivals. People will probably approach you and ask if you want to buy some, if not just go around asking people.

2013, July 28 - 3:21pm

Of course there is always drug use at festivals, but I don't know that you should be that open about it! I'd be really careful while tampering with things like that, especially in such a public place. Be careful!

2013, August 10 - 1:46pm

You can bet there will be a lot of MDMA at Tomorrowland. It's very common especially in electronica based festivals. You can probably get some there, but try not to take too much! :D

2013, August 12 - 7:34pm

It's literally a case of spotting the people on drugs and asking them where they got them, don't ask them straight away of course, but try and spot the kind of people who are on high you want to be, start trying to party with them, try and engage in convo with them, and try and ease the questions into the conversation :-D

2013, August 17 - 11:48pm

It's been a couple of years since I went to Tommorowland but you can rest assured, there will be drugs there, and trust me they won't be hard to find. All you have to do is look around for a little and you'll definitely run into people who have them.

2013, August 18 - 10:34am

Tommorowland is one of the festivals where the drugs find you. Yes, drugs and psychedelic substances will be all around and it's upto you to choose whether to take them or now.

2013, August 27 - 2:38am

Whenever my friends are looking for MDMA at music festivals they usually just look for the person in the most ridiculous LED outfit and start by asking them. I doubt it will take you too long to find any. Be careful though, you don't want to get in trouble!

2013, September 1 - 3:19pm

I'm 200% sure there will be drugs in Tomorrowland. Mostly ecstasy! You can find some by finding a group who are doing light shows or wearing sunglasses at night, drinking water instead of alcohol and people who have Vicks inhalers! Try not to approach and ask straight out because that could freak them out. Maybe go near them, dance with them a bit and show them you're in good vibes! Then ask them what they dropped and ask where you can score some!

2013, September 16 - 4:28pm

Yep. Pretty much anyone wearing sunglasses inside will be on something :) and most of the people on something will be taking ecstasy, either as pills or MDMA crystals.

2013, September 16 - 9:03pm

I'am Tomorrowland

2013, September 16 - 9:11pm

I want to go to Tomorrowland, albeit with a festival of those I'm from Venezuela greetings