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Submitted by [email protected] on 2016, April 29 - 12:25am

Hey guys, my name is Ayan from Canada. Me and my sister are going to tomorrowland Belgium 2016 and want to make it the most memorable time of our lives. I was just wondering if anyone wants to make a group, make it memorable for all of us from around the world. Anyone travelling solo or just want to meet new people and want to have the most amazing time ever!!!! Message me on FB so we can make a plan username: Ayan Duale

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2016, May 2 - 2:09pm


I am planning to travel Solo, i am from India and been waiting to go on this trip. Have the bothe of you booked your tickets and accomodation.

2016, June 28 - 9:18pm

Hey, i havnt bought tickets yet but plan on hopefully going. I am from the USA but will be living in London, plus I would be going solo, so I am definetly looking for people to go with! Let me know.

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2016, June 29 - 11:43am

Hi Cdoss42, let me know, once you have got your tickets :)

2016, June 30 - 7:43pm

Will be getting it tomorrow, wanna contact me on some form of social media?