Tomorrowland 2014 Global Journey Package for Odd Number of people

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Submitted by m.sanchit on 2014, January 30 - 8:55am

3 of us are trying to buy a Global Journey Train package + Dreamville. But looks like all packages are for 2 people only. With the 3 of us travelling, that 4th train ticket + full madness pass is useless! Don't see an option to select 1 person. Anyone facing something similar? If yes, What are you planning to do about this problem?

2014, January 31 - 11:53am

Hi, we encountered a similar problem so we are just splitting the entire cost between three even tho we only have 4. Kinda sucks but we're really keen to go.

2014, February 7 - 4:57am

Have you got your tickets? One of us compromised and has bought a "Dreamville, no tent" The other two have Relax room booked. Hoping atleast the relax room guys can go to the not tent zone...