Tomorrow Land 2016

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Submitted by joeeeemed on 2015, July 10 - 8:45pm

Hi Everyone,

Currently saving up for Tomorrow Land 2016 and was looking to buy the package for the Fabulous Friendship Package for me and 9 others. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much cost, maybe someone on here has been to the festival and knows how much it it is.

We will be making our own way there and not be using the Global Journey Travel. However, could anyone recommend the best way to travel from Brussels train station to DreamVille

Please could anyone recommend how much spending money to make.

Many Thanks.

2015, September 6 - 7:21am

Hello Joeeeemed,

I'm planning to go to TML 2016 also and if things go well it will be my first TML Festival, i like to plan early that is why I'v been reading a lot of reviews and trying to collect as much information as possible.

so far from what i got i can answer you on some of your inquires.

  1. Fabulous Friendship Garden Package (for 10 persons including Regular Full Madness) costed € 3,792.50 and the Regular Fabulous Friendship Garden (for 10 persons including Regular Full Madness) cost € 4,492.50 (these prices were for TML 2015 packages)

  2. traveling from Brussels train station to Dreamville can be through many transportation options: A. by taxi and it will cost 170 euro (for 4 passengers) train from Brussels to Boom information can be found at belgianrail(dot)be and at thalys(Dot)com C. by Bus through Mechelen or Antwerp cities. D. TML Shuttle buses but i was not able to reach to confirmed information bout how and from where you can get it.

hope these information can help you :) (external links are not permitted to be posted that is why i wrote it in words)

2015, November 20 - 5:01pm

I'm in the same situation! I'd like to try to take this package, but there's no info about the price on the web, but it seems that's 3500/4500€... Do you think that it would be more probable to get this package ticket's?? Because Garden Of Friendship is probably the coolest package, if it's also easier than the others to get I would have no doubt about choosing it. Please tell me if you find some news about it!