Ticket Price From Greece

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Submitted by chrisrolley on 2014, January 20 - 3:58pm

Hello guys, i want to know a ticket price for 3 people from greece to Tommorowland ...Full Weekend Pass. And suggestions if its better hotel or tent...

2014, January 22 - 10:15am

Hi, the full weekend pass is €237.50, camping is another €52.50, for a total of €290. If you want to camp, a tent for two, which includes 2 weekend passes as well, is €750 total, or €375 each.

If you want to check prices for Global Journey, which includes flight tickets from Greece, you can find them here, by clicking on "flight shop" under the date you want to go on.

Hope that helps!

2014, January 24 - 5:57pm

Thanks But we dont have Global Journey from Greece...So i must w8 until Feb 15th? And it will be hard to buy a ticket?