Ticket for 2 persons issue, pls help!

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Submitted by Tanya Sergeeva on 2014, January 13 - 4:30pm

Hello! This summer I'm going to visit Tomorrowland and while looking through info on website, I came across to such an issue. I'm going to go there with my friend and buy Regular Easy Tent Pack 2 Persons (Easy Tent (€275,00) + 2x Full Madness Pass (€475,00)) € 750,00. But I didn't quite understand one thing. It's said that "In case you have bought an Easy Tent, Relax Room or Dream Lodge Pack, you only need to register 1 name in order to personalize this type of ticket". So it means that only MY name will be written there and I receive only ONE bracelet with MY name (or 2 with mine?). Then what about my friend, how do I show that 2nd place is for him, when there is no his name anywhere? Haven't found any suitable info on that. Can smb give an exact answer? Thank you!