Solo Tommorowland

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Submitted by Kev22 on 2014, December 6 - 7:12pm

Hey Im from Los Angeles! Im new to Tommorowland and thinking about going solo.. Whats the best advice you can give me in terms of which package I should do for camping at Dreamville..? I was thinking about Standard Camping but bringing material from across the world is quite difficult.. Also thinking about Easy Tent but I would need one more person! Please solo and group travelers I need some advice :)

2015, January 22 - 5:58am

Hey Kev, I'm going alone too! We should talk and see if we could work something out. I'm 21 from Australia so at least we both speak English lol Message/Add me on Facebook, my name is Joana Lucia Pereyra Ortega :)

2015, April 26 - 11:01pm

Hey are you still going? I am traveling solo from Newport beach!

2015, May 21 - 2:05am

Im also alone from Arizona. Ill be studying abroad in England. contact me: stevenelliott10 @