Shipping of Tickets

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Submitted by paulg12398 on 2015, November 17 - 4:09am

I emailed Tomorrowland a few weeks ago but got no response. I was looking to buy tickets for Tomorrowland 2016 and saw that tickets are generally shipped late-June/early-July. The problem is I will be backpacking around Europe (I'm from the US) all of June and July and therefore I have no permanent address to have the tickets shipped to. Would I be able to pick up my tickets at a will-call window in Boom or could they be shipped early? Thanks

2015, November 19 - 9:24pm

From TML's site: "There is no need to worry if you are travelling to the event. Viagogo operates across a network of nearly 60 global websites and can deliver tickets to anywhere in the world. If you are travelling to the event, add your travel address and expected travel departure date as soon as possible. This will ensure that the tickets are sent to the right place when they're ready to be shipped.