Questions about buying tickets to Tomorrowland from Belgium.

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Submitted by MikkelLilja on 2013, January 24 - 1:25pm

Hi Wikifestivals.

We are 8 guys from Denmark wanting to go to TL13. We have two friends who live in Belgium who will try to get tickets for us, but I have some questions about how that is possible.

I read here that it's possible, as long as our friends in belgium send us a copy of their passports and a signed mandate. But say if our two friends buy 4 tickets each, do they then have to write names of 8 people in belgium when buying the tickets, and all of those 8 people will have to send us a picture of their passport and a mandate, or do we only need passport information and a mandate from the two buying the total 8 tickets?

IF they need to write 8 names of people in belgium who all have to resell to us, is it then possible for them to write their own two names, and then fill out with names of 6 of us danish guys (as if our friends were buying tickets for them self and 6 of us) and then they only needed to resell their 2 tickets to the last 2 of us.

I'm a bit confused about this system, since I can't see a 'template' of how the form you must fill out when buying the tickets look, I hope you can help us figure out the smartest way to do this :)

  • Mikkel

2013, January 25 - 11:26am

Hello MikkelLilja

That is quite a complicated query we are struggling to answer right now, but we are going to try to contact the organisers to find out further info about Belgian sales as we have limited information.

Please bare with us and be sure to check our Tomorrowland Wiki for updates ( Sorry we couldn't answer this straight away but please bare with us :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 25 - 11:44am

Glad you're trying to help, very appreciated :-)