Purchasing of Tomorrowland Tickets

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Submitted by AoifeEileen on 2014, January 14 - 12:33am

Hey! :) So my friends and I are planning on going to Tomorrowland 2014, however I know that the tickets sell within seconds, and we would like one of us to purchase them all together so that in case only one or two of us get tickets and the others miss out. Can someone let me know if this is possible? We are planning on staying in Regular Dreamville camping, i.e bringing our own camping equipment and getting a Full Madness Pass also, the details are as follows:

DreamVille Pack This Pack gives 1 person the right to access DreamVille and according to ticket choice, either Regular or Comfort access to Tomorrowland. Tickets are issued per person not per tent and you will be required to bring your own camping gear! Regular DreamVille Pack DreamVille Pass (€52,50) + Full Madness Pass (€237,50)

€ 290,00 So basically we need 4 of these, and one person to book them all at once. I appreciate any feedback! Thanks so much! :) PS. Also, if I am the purchaser of the tickets, will it only be my name on the bracelets etc, and how many will come? Oh and why can't they sent the bracelets to a postbox address? Thanks a lot! :)