People Who Have Attended Tomorrowland In The Past

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Submitted by abaronian on 2013, December 20 - 12:18am

Since I cant get any real answers anywhere, I thought id reach out to those who have went through all this chaos before. I am interested in purchasing the global journey package with a friend of mine. I was just wondering if it was a one stop shop through the tomorrowland website where we can book the flights, get our tickets and the relax room all through one source. And as far as splitting up costs, would one person need to buy both flight and tickets? is it possible to purchase a one way party flight since we would like to take off to other parts of europe after? I read some where that you need to buy tickets first than dreamville camping, so if its 2 of us and the relax room accommodates 2 people, would only one person need to buy the relax room and just have his buddy come along. SO CONFUSED.