Isle Of White Festival 2012 Lineup

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Submitted by Nik88 on 2012, March 9 - 1:16pm

Isle Of Wight 2012 Line-up.

Although I think the rest of the line-up is bit of a let down. On each stage, there are only two or maybe three acts/bands that I would watch. I would like to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds as I want to see how Noel does without Liam and Oasis. I suppose Primal Scream would be cool, but I've seen them before.

To be honest apart from that, there aren't many acts that are jumping off my screen as a much watch. Past line-ups haven't been too bad really but recent line-ups and this year's festival looks like it's trying to cover a broad variety of genres by having acts/bands such as Jessie J, Tinnie Tempah to Feeder, Biffy Clyro and Magnetic Man. I also recently read that Lana Del Rey has even been added to the line-up... I'm unsure about her; I think she's a bit boring. I've seen a fare few of the acts before, so the overall line-up looks a little average.

2012, March 15 - 6:33pm

I know what you mean, alot of the bands I'd be happy to see but I'm not wildly familiar with their material, If they did day tickets I would love to see Bruce Springsteen though, I hear he is meant to be amazing!

2012, March 16 - 6:21pm

I love Tom Petty so I was really excited to hear that he was headlining. Like you said, he has not played here in the UK for years, so I was tempted to go just to see him. It is a potentially once in a lifetime opportunity. But I did not want to see anyone else apart from Bruce Springsteen. I am not a fan of Peal Jam (the other headliner). In fact the whole line up is kind of lame, I mean, people like Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and Example are pitching super high up on the billing...!

I just wish they did day tickets. As I would have purchased a ticket for Friday so I could see Petty. But I really do not want to spend out on a weekend ticket when I am not all that interested in seeing anyone else. Hmm!