Going to Tomorrowland Belgium 2015 ALONE!

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Submitted by bmiranda on 2015, January 26 - 5:20pm

Hi!! Im from Costa Rica and i'm 23y/o. Now i have my tickets for Tomorrowland but im going alone. It could be great if i can find some people that is going alone too and probably we can met there. I buy the tickets with the flight from Madrid. Don't be shy haha I hope can find people and see u in Tomorrowland, my english is not too good, sorry!! If u want, can add me on Facebook: Bryan Miranda Bermudez. See u in Tomorrowland!! :D

2015, February 1 - 11:28pm

Hi! I am departing from Madrid, too. Just added you in Facebook. Message me. Cheers :)

2015, February 11 - 7:35pm

Hi! I'm living in Madrid but wil be departing from London or Berlin. Add me :) facebook.com/valeria.vazquezcolon

2015, April 26 - 10:40pm

Do you guys have a group gathering to go? I'm from california and well I'm headed there alone

2015, July 18 - 5:16pm

HI, I'm from Belgium and will be there alone too, staying in Dreamville from Thursday, would like to hear if there are any "gatherings" for us brave "solo" visitors. See you next week!

2015, September 6 - 6:57am


would like to get some information about tomorrowland since I'm planning to go next year, please let me know if you are willing we contact via email or facebook

2016, February 23 - 4:48pm

Hi I bought this year belgium tickets from viagogo Is there anyone use viagogo to go tomorrowland Please contact me because i have paid to much for these tickets but i am afraid of this tickets are fake or unreal if they are real no problem about money ? In addition that could anyone share experiences wit us