Going to Tomorrowland alone, will it be fun?

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 2014, January 12 - 2:10am

I'm 18 and from the UK. None of my friends have the cash to go to Tomorrowland this year but I do, and I really want to go. If I travel out there by myself, pitch tent and then just hand out, will I meet people and will I have a good time? I'm a girl, pretty normal, like music and dancing. Let me know what you think!

2014, February 26 - 3:30pm

Anyone here going on the first weekend? I'm from the Philippines but currently living in Germany. Would really love to meet up and make new friends.

2014, March 21 - 12:40am

im 18 and from new York not sure if i should go because none of my friends have the money but me. any thoughts ? it been my dream to go to tomorrowland since i was 14 and since im now of legal age idk what to do

2014, July 8 - 10:20am

Hii.! Im 18 too and from india..im goin alone as well....and really looking forward to make a few new friends..add me Up on facebook if u wish to.. Username: kevin kathiriya

2014, June 19 - 9:32pm

Hi! I'm going to be there on the 20th. I was born and raised in the Philippines but currently living in Switzerland. Planning to go alone. Would love to meet friends and kabayans. haha

2014, June 19 - 10:17pm

Hey! I'm also from the Philippines. Currently living in Switzerland! wanna meet up on the 20th kabayan?

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2014, July 15 - 11:08pm

Hey! I am also from Germany and I am going alone for the first Weekend! We could meet if you want and spend time together!

2014, March 13 - 5:00am


@everyone else. Hands in for second weekend.


2014, March 27 - 4:09pm

Im in!! @Finland

2014, April 7 - 2:20pm

Me and a few others on FB Have started up a group for festival goers who wish to find groups to join on the days of Festivals. We formed via a creamfields group and are doing creams this year together.

Random times can be some of the best times you'll have. So, Don't do them alone! Find people to enjoy your festivals with.

For Festigo Buddy Finder (Which we need help getting out there more now. Website will launch if its successful):


Hope this helps with people who want to team up. Have fun and happy festival-ing!

2014, April 19 - 3:17am

yes! lets do it!!

all you second weeknd single peeps lets hit it!

2014, April 13 - 3:36pm

im from Hong Kong and im looking for someone go with me to TomorrowLand or TomorrowWorld. Please feel free to add my fb: imwutim

Cheers, Polly xxx

2014, May 29 - 10:18pm

Hey there. It looks like I might be going to tomorrowland alone as well. I live in New york and will be traveling out from here. I have ticket in hand for the 2nd weekend and Flights booked. I'm doing some traveling around Europe and then to Israel after the festival as well.

Looking for some travel buddies. This is my first solo festival.

Feel free to befriend me and let's festival it up alone, together. :) Find me on facebook: zach kalatsky- my picture is of me in a onesie in a forest.


2014, June 19 - 11:43pm

Going alone to tomorrowland on the 20th. Would be nice to meet people to party with.

2014, June 24 - 2:09pm

I am going to Tomorrowland 2014 - Weekend 1 on a full madness pass! Would love to meet new people to party with and to share a tent together possibly.

Let me know if you are keen! Add me on facebook 'Ethan Yeo' (the one with snowman profile picture)



2014, July 3 - 10:37am

Anyone for weekend 2?

2014, July 3 - 4:28pm

Anyone going from Chicago????

2014, July 8 - 10:14am

Hii.! Im 18 too and from india..im goin alone as well....and really looking forward to make a few new friends..add me Up on facebook if u wish to.. Username: kevin kathiriya

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2014, July 15 - 7:12pm

Hello everybody, I am from Germany/Hannver and I am also going alone to tomorrowland for the first weekend! It would be great enjoying the event with other new people :) So please, don't be shy :)

2014, July 16 - 3:54pm

Hi im french im 24 , and i go too alone to tomorrowland but only for friday, so add me on facebook => Montassar Rodriguez

2015, February 25 - 1:53am

Hello, i bought tickets to tomorrowland and i'm gonna go alone. I would like to meet people to be with there. I'm a Mexican guy, 19 years old.

2017, January 26 - 7:52pm

I'm 18, male from Ireland. I'll be going alone, looking for a few people to go with. I'll be hanging around the monstercat stage for most of the event but love EDM in all it's forms. :) Add me on snapchat - coninmm if anyone wants to chat.

2017, January 28 - 6:05pm

hey guys. will be travelling alone from manchester for the 1st week! dreamville package if people wanna meet up!

2017, February 9 - 8:12pm

Hey guys. Im Jay and im 23 years old.. I have always been into travelling, adventures and exploring new places and I think tomorrowland would be an unforgettable experience. Im going this year by myself . Let me know if anyone else is interested on meeting and going together. Im from New York City. Instagram: _znza Shoot me a message .

2017, March 21 - 1:07pm

Heeeey :-) is there still one who is going alone to tomorrowland on the second weekend? I'm going alone and it would be great to party with amazing people :-D is there a facebook group for people who go by themselves? :)

thanks and I really look forward to meet new people :-)

2017, April 24 - 2:39am

Heyyy guys! soo my friend won't be able to make to tomorrowland and I really don't want to miss it. I will be going from Canada for the second time. Going for the (2nd weekend) It is always fun meet/party with new people. So tomorrowlanders let's plan a meet up as group or whatever. Here is my Instagram: il9_9li message me :) ... peacee

2017, June 24 - 9:22pm

hi guys, Anyone else going second weekend full madness and staying in dreamville? I will be driving here if anyone wants to join?

2018, January 12 - 12:00am

For everyone who wants to go Tomorrowland 2018 alone, i made a facebook group, feel free to join and make friends, it's called Going alone to Tomorrowland 2018 !!!

2018, January 12 - 6:55pm

I'm stressed me and my friend are suppose to be going for the first time in july I pre-registered online it asked me to choose 27th-28th-29th or 22nd-23rd-24th I selected 28th its turned out my friend cant get one of them off work so will it let me on the ticket release date 20th January buy tickets for the 22nd one instead even though at pre-register I select 28th