Going to Tomorrowland alone, will it be fun?

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 2014, January 12 - 2:10am

I'm 18 and from the UK. None of my friends have the cash to go to Tomorrowland this year but I do, and I really want to go. If I travel out there by myself, pitch tent and then just hand out, will I meet people and will I have a good time? I'm a girl, pretty normal, like music and dancing. Let me know what you think!

2014, January 12 - 5:21pm

Haha i'm going alone too i'm sure of it. I'm actually an American whos studying in Munich but my last giant huzzah is going to be Tomorrowland. I've been anxious about it, but i am so sure plenty of people will be alone and it will be easy to make friends!

2014, January 13 - 3:51am

I'm going alone to celebrate my 21st Birthday :) if I get a ticket that is!! we can always meet up if you want? im an Australian girl and just love music and dancing too, add me on facebook if you like Sarah Dunford

2014, January 28 - 3:11pm

Add me up on fb of you like - Adam Berry. I want to go but I'm unsure about going on my own!

2014, March 6 - 3:42pm

Hey :) Im 19 m. from Switzerland we can meet up if you want ? Do you have Tickets? Date?

2014, March 21 - 12:39am

im 18 and from new york not sure if i should go because none of my friends have the money but me. any thoughts ? it been my dream to go to tomorrowland since i was 16 and since im now of legal age idk what to do

2016, April 4 - 5:22am

i would love to know if you are going to tl this year in brazil. add me on fb jon casimir and my whattapp is +50948641938

2014, January 14 - 4:21pm

Hello, im also planning to go to Tomorrowland alone, hahaha im from dubai hope to get some company. Neither of my friends wants to go :(

2014, January 14 - 11:15pm

WikiFestivals are also going... shall we organise a Tomorrowland 2014 meetup?!!

2014, February 23 - 10:44am

We should all create a meet up for tomorrowland people that ended up going solo or want to join in add me up guys/ ladies on facebook trance ramsterdam

2014, January 15 - 11:30am

why not!! lets go!

2014, January 28 - 3:05pm

I'm thinking of going alone, none of my mates fancy it. So some company would be great!

2014, January 29 - 7:18pm

Hello! My name is Chris and I will most likely be going on my own too since my friends can't afford it right now. Maybe we can all make a group of our own? I am coming from Los Angeles.

2014, January 30 - 12:48pm

am going alone as well, 2 of my friends are ganna try to get tickets but they are not sure if they can afford it. I think everyone in tomorrowland is keen to making friends and leaving with good memories. am travelling from london, and a meetup sounds gooooood! @wikifestivals make it happen !!

2014, January 31 - 3:30pm

Hi, I'm going too this year alone, it's gonna be the first time in @Tomorrowland, totally agree on making up a meeting together!! I'm from Morocco, probably I'm gonna be the first Moroccan to be their :p

2014, February 2 - 5:26am

I am a twenty year old girl from London and I am going alone! :) I booked my global journey package today sooo frikinnn excited! I'm abit scared to but hey ho sounds like im not the only one and I go to a few festivals and I always make new friends so its all cool! I am flying on the tomorrowland plane from London and am going the first weekend what about you guys? xxx

2014, February 8 - 9:30pm

Im going to both weekends. First on yrain second by plane . Already booked. None of my mates could afford it . Would be intrested in meeting a few solo people there so am not on my own

2014, March 6 - 3:44pm

Hey :) Im 19 m. from Switzerland we can meet up if you want ? Do you have Tickets? Date?

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2014, March 19 - 4:35pm

Hey lucie I'm from newcastle and I'm going on my own I'm going the first weekend do you want meet up ? Xxx

2014, February 3 - 11:08am

Hi! Im a 17 year old girl and im from new zealand!! I am going alone, I just bought a global journey package and dreamville pass. I would love to make some contacts before the madness begins!

2014, February 3 - 6:46pm

Hiii im an 18 year old girl flying from miami !!! Im traveling alone tooooo really excited would anyone want to meet up?

2014, February 8 - 10:43am

Yeah definately! I wanna get tickets but loots like i'll be going alone.... 20 year old girl from Australia!

2014, February 8 - 6:42pm

Add me on Facebook :) wanna talk with some people going alone!

Facebook dot com slash cory dot hotham dot 9 :P no spaces :) everyone feel free to reply:)

2014, March 6 - 3:46pm

Hey :) Im 19 m. from Switzerland we can meet up if you want ? Do you have Tickets? Date?

2014, June 19 - 9:30pm

I'm planning to go alone too. Would be nice to make new friends. Im 22 m from Switzerland

2014, February 14 - 10:32pm

hey what weekend are you going? i'm a 22 year old kiwi in london, hopefully getting a ticket tomorrow!

2014, February 18 - 11:59am

Sup g,just wana no what week your goin too?? me n my cuzzy headn over for the frist week,would be nice too rage with some fellow kiwis haha chur bro!!

2014, March 6 - 3:46pm

Hey :) Im 19 m. from Switzerland we can meet up if you want ? Do you have Tickets? Date?

2014, June 19 - 9:26pm

Hey man. I'm also from Switzerland going alone. Would be cool to meet new friends

2014, March 6 - 3:50pm

Hey :) Im 19 m. from Switzerland we can meet up if you want ? Do you have Tickets? Date?

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2014, March 19 - 4:09pm

Hiya are you still going to tomorrowland I'm going on my own on the 1st weekend xx

2014, February 5 - 11:56am

Solo traveler here too! I'm 24, from Egypt but living in Qatar. would love to meet new people there too.

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2014, February 6 - 7:12pm

Hi everyone! Looks like I am travelling alone as well! Everyone who is interested can team up with me. Easy going, male, 31, Switzerland! ( age is just a number)...

2014, February 8 - 6:44pm

You my friend are what i will be like at 31 man :) age is a number love for music goes on! :)

www dot Facebook dot com slash cory dot hotham dot 9 :)

2014, February 8 - 9:28pm

What weekend you going . Im travelling to both. Already got the tickets

2014, February 8 - 7:38pm

Hey guys 30's is not old alright..! I'm 30 and I'm going solo too... add me up I'd love to go with you people!

2014, February 8 - 9:26pm

Where you traveling from and haha to old. You live once who gives a f××k what others think

2014, February 8 - 9:24pm

Where are people travelling from. Im travelling from manchester. Im leaving from london. However none of my friends had the cash either.so im travelling alone :( to much of a opportunity to miss. If anyone wants to arrange a get together or travel. Btw I already have tickets for both weekends. Addicted2successJP(at)gmail.com

2014, February 14 - 9:33pm

Ill be traveling from the states alone, probably through london and amsterdam. Thats if I get tickets tomorrow. Does anyone know of places to stay near the festival, was going to camp but have to buy a tent while in europe.

2014, February 15 - 10:07am

Hey, planning to go alone from Malaysia since my buddies can't make it. Hoping to meet up and get new friends for the madness. Any meetup group? Facebook group?

Well, that if I can get a ticket today!

2014, February 15 - 1:28pm

Hye y'all I'm planning to go tomorrowland this year! It's gonna be my first rave and I'm going alone! My friends couldn't make it at the end haha! Hopefully I can get a tix later when it start selling! Am defo sure it's gonna be awesome! I'm a Malaysian 23 years old currently at Newcastle, and will be flying from UK :D Anyone wanna go together team up or something ? :D By the way I'm aiming for the second weekend!!!!!!

Add me on facebook Merry Ong Kelly

2014, February 15 - 3:11pm

Hey I am 18 years old from Israel, the plan was to go with more 3 friends but actually just 1 friend of mine can go. I hope it will be fun!! FB Benny Isaacs

2014, February 15 - 3:11pm

Hey I am 18 years old from Israel, the plan was to go with more 3 friends but actually just 1 friend of mine can go. I hope it will be fun!! FB Benny Isaacs

2014, February 17 - 12:11pm

Hey, thought I'd drop you all a line! I'm traveling alone all the way from New Zealand to London to catch the party flight on the 23rd. I'm a 23 year old guy, finished university, who is out for as much mayhem as possible! Keen to get talking to anyone else heading out alone aswell!

2014, March 13 - 4:58am

Yeah mate.Im locked in for the second weekend too. Departing viaTrain at St Pancras station (London)

Any other Kiwis or Aussies want to hook up with this epic crew!...hollaaa!

2014, February 19 - 7:29am

Hey guys,

I'm also travelling to Tomorrowland alone (weekend 2). 23 year old male from Toronto, Canada. Going on the Global Journey package from NYC. I'd love to meet people to go and party together

2014, February 21 - 9:46pm

hi everyone i was wondering is any one on the same boat i was the only one out of my friends got a tix for tomorrowland i am going to be traveling from toronto - brussels, any one going to tomorrowland solo ?

2014, February 23 - 10:36am

What's up Tomorrowland goers!

I'll be traveling from Alaska by myself, I'm always down to meet up with people from wherever. That's one of the best things about Tomorrowland...meeting people from all over the world!!! I plan on being in Belgium for a few days before the festival so I can do some exploring and try a bunch of that delicious Belgium beer :D. Hit me up if anyone wants to try and meet up before or at the festival.