Going to Tomorrowland 2015 alone, do many people do this? Will it still be fun?

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Submitted by david_1995 on 2015, February 5 - 10:47pm

If I get a ticket I'll be going alone since my friends dont want to/cant afford to go. Im 19 and been saving up for a while now! Anyone else planning on going alone or has anyone gone alone before? What was your experience like?

2015, February 6 - 3:48pm

I have the same problem right now haha! I really wanna go, but my friends can't :( Where are you from?

2015, February 7 - 12:28pm

I'm actually thinking about it. I'm from The Netherlands and my friends don't want to go. The more I read about it, the more positive experiences I read!

2015, April 26 - 10:38pm

I'm heading there alone from California, are you guys gathering a group or? haha