Food and drinks

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Submitted by Jeffing on 2014, January 14 - 9:46am

I'm planning on attending Tomorrowland 2014 from Norway and I'm wondering if I'm able to bring food and drinks from outside the festival into Dreamville and the festival area? What are the prices on food and drinks at the festival?

Also, is the Dreamville entrance inside the festival area or are there two separate entrances?

2014, January 14 - 10:24am

There is a lot of info on this in our wiki ( Prices for food and drink (along with everything else) are quite high compared to shops, bars and restaurants outside of the festival grounds, as they are at most festivals across Europe. Prices at Tomorrowland will probably be on a par with prices in Norway.

You are allowed to bring food and some drinks into Dreamville. The festival have some restrictions on glass bottles.

Last year the entrance to Dreamville was separate from the main Tomorrowland festival grounds.