Difference between Reading and Leeds?

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Submitted by Jaguar on 2012, February 12 - 4:30pm

Well then that got me thinking!

Is the atmosphere completely different between the two festivals? Does the location make much difference, are the people who attend different - younger / older etc etc?

Did you prefer one leg over the other?

Really interested to hear your responses!

Same question applies to all the split location festivals, like V Festival (which takes place in Chelmsford in Essex and in South Staffordshire). Is there any difference between them all?

2012, February 16 - 6:16pm

I wonder what bands think as they are the ones that play both during the weekend. Also, if a band headline at Reading on a Saturday and Leeds on a Sunday do you think that there is a different vibe?

It would be interesting to hear it from a bands perspective and see what they have to say on the matter. I bet the crowds are different. Everyone always says it is better up north and the people are more friendly. I can't say as I have never been to a festival up north.

Does Leeds have riots on the Sunday night too then? I imagine it is just us posh southerners who act like that!

I am intrugued to hear if someone on here has been to both (obviously not on the same weekend!)...is it similar? I imagine it has a different atmosphere as the setting and location is totally different...like Glasto and Reading are totally different you know?

2012, February 16 - 11:08pm

I am pretty sure there is a regular user on here (their username escapes me) who said they have been to both. Hopefully they will come along and post in here soon! I would be really interested to hear their thoughts!

Like Kizza, I am interested to hear if they are completely different, almost as if they were two different events like Reading / Glasto. Or if they actually do feel like they have some form of 'connection' between them.

2012, March 17 - 9:13am

The Reading site for instance has a great location in the sense that you can wander off site and in to town to top up cheap booze, head to a pub (to use clean loos) and partake in the tradition we had of a TGIFridays cocktail and lunch on the Friday before the bands started. (our one festival treat) The village at Reading is also much bigger and has more going on. Its a bigger site in general so has to accommodate. The down side to Reading is probably all the chaos on the last night. The riots are extreme and the campsite in general is more manic. You get a lot more people packing up and leaving early on a Sunday rather than a Monday. Also if you dont get there on a wednesday then you best like walking!

Leeds is a different beast altogether. Even if there hasn't been any rain, you can guarantee there will be mud. And lots of it! There are less toilets and like I said before the village isnt quite as good. Instead of being on a square like Reading its kind of spread out throughout the campsite so its not as much of a 'campsite arena'. Plus I couldn't find one mexican food stall! Oh the shame! The Leeds festival pros really are that there is a much bigger community spirit in the campsite. There are two big stages for all night raves (The Piccadilly Party was incredible last year) The dance tents are much less busy than the ones at Reading which means you don't get crushed and as the site is smaller you also don't get too exhausted walking round the site. Until the mud sets in that is.

The only other real difference i have found is the weather. Reading is normally blessed with beautiful weather whereas Leeds feels the brunt of the rain.

Hope that helps!!!!!!!

2012, March 19 - 12:33am

What about the age range, do you find that differs?

2012, March 25 - 8:17pm

CoralHiDef! You genius! Thank you so much for your fantastic and super informative response! So you don't have a particular 'favourite'? Interesting!

2012, April 26 - 10:05am

I've had a blast at both so I wouldn't say it ruins it. Just a different experience.