Buying Tomorrowland Ticket from Viagogo 2014

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Submitted by Rickoshea on 2014, April 4 - 5:14am


I am on a European trip for the month of July and decided to look into getting a ticket from tomorrow land. Anyone have advice on purchasing one from Viagogo second hand. It seems as if the price is about right anywhere from 800-1000$ US for a weekend.

I am nervous to purchase this ticket as i am unsure on how it becomes registered to your name, do you print them off from an e-mail ticket ? are they mailed to you ?

I e-mailed Viagogo and they assured me the guarantee entry withe very ticket they sell.

I am still curious if anyone else has experience with this and has purchased a ticket for this years Tomorrowland 2014.

Please help from Canada.

Cheers !

2014, September 29 - 2:48pm

hey huys i m from india i want to come in tomorrowland...can you please tell me how much rupee i pay for the comeing...