Brought 2 unwanted global gourney VIP tickets what to do...

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Submitted by mitch89 on 2014, February 3 - 5:13am

Hi Guys

Just loking for some advice about global jouney tickets.

Me and a friend went on the site at 3am and go in only to seee the tent ones active, paniced and got 2 tent ones from london return train.

Only to find that few hours later they had the comfort cabins... ended up forking out 2400euro extra n getting the ones i wanted, so now i have 4 tickets for 2 of the same people.

Anyone been in the same boat before some say if i dont personalise the ticket i will just get a refund others say no refunds?

Im not looking to make any money back just looking to get most if not all the money back from the tent package tickets?

Anyone with insight and imput would be much appreciated!

Thanks Mitch!

2014, February 5 - 10:22am

Hi Mitch, as far as we know tomorrowland has a no return policy. However, you can resell them on a resale website like Demand for these tickets is high so it should not be a problem getting rid of them!

Good luck!

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2014, February 6 - 7:05pm

Hi there, additionally there is as well the name problem! I myself bought a hotel package ticket and put in my name twice not knowing who would join me. As it turns out a name change cost 300 Euro and the worse part is that from a certain day on the change is not even possible - as it is described on their homepage!!

I do not really know what to do now! As of now it looks like I paid 700 EUr for nothing! I feel so stupid. Can anyone help?? Does anyone know more? Writing and calling Tomorrowland was no help at all!