Are there more people going alone to tml?

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Submitted by Marlouschurink on 2015, February 6 - 3:31pm

Hey guys!

I am really doubting to buy a tomorrowland ticket tomorrow, because none of my friends can go.. (They don't like it, they don't have the money or they can't get the days off..) I really want to go! But should i do it alone? Are there more people here who go alone? :)

2015, February 6 - 8:44pm

Apparently there are lots of people that go alone! Its the first time i'll be travelling alone. If you decide to go we could meet up and hang out

2015, February 7 - 12:27pm

I've never really thought about it until I saw the idea this morning. None of my friends want to go for the full weekend, but I want to! If I get through the queue, I'll buy a ticket for myself. The more I search, the more people I see that actually travel alone and have a real great time!

2015, February 7 - 3:29pm

Hey! I'm going to try get a ticket on my own too as it seems like loads of people do so hopefully I'll find people to meet up with (travelling from UK)

2015, February 7 - 4:29pm

I had no luck with tickets. Put on the waiting list and then they sold out... so disappointed right now :(

2015, February 12 - 3:00pm

Am going by myself alone ...flying on tomorrowland flight from poland If u want add me on facebook: kareem al masry