Any Australians going to Tomorrowland 2014?

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Submitted by outoftheordinary on 2014, January 17 - 6:55am

I want to go, but I'll most likely be travelling alone because my friends either a) aren't interested because they don't like this kind of music or b) can't get time off work for it. I'm thinking of getting the Global Journey package because it looks awesome and because everything is all done for me. But I'm kinda nervous to go on my own.

Soo, I was just wondering if any other Aussie's will be going alone as well? Or if you're going with a group of mates?

Even just anyone who's going alone and wants to meet up at the festival :)

2014, January 22 - 1:55pm

Hey! I'm jess, I'm from Sydney but have just moved over to London. I really want to go to tomorrowland this year as well, but my friends back home can't afford to come to Europe in time for the festival. And the few people I know here aren't really into that kind of music. I don't want to miss out though, so I was thinking about going on my own, but not sure if that would be any fun.

2014, January 23 - 1:40am

Hey Jess! Haha, I feel you. A lot of people seem to be going alone though, so I guess it isn't that bad. And even if we do go alone, we'll meet a lot of new people anyway.

2015, February 6 - 9:51am

whats your fb, I'm looking for someone to go with!?

2014, January 29 - 10:08am

Hey Guys Im also going alone from aus, add me of fb keen to meet some new people over there.

2014, February 2 - 12:50am

There is a website called "Meetup (.) com" search australians Tomorrowland 2014 FYI Peps, JOIN & SHARE... MORE PEOPLE THE BETTER... GOING TO TRY FOR A PLANE FESTIVAL OVER AND A MINI PRE-BEACH FESTIVAL MEET UP.... RUN AT ME

2014, February 4 - 6:09pm

I will heading over to tomorrowland hopefully. I'm looking for someone to share accommodation with as its cheaper to go with someone else.

2014, February 5 - 10:20am

Wikifestivals can confirm that is a legit website. For those of you in the UK there is a meetup group here. Don't miss out!

2014, February 18 - 4:08am

hey guys! from oz as well but my backup plan of getting a ticket has fallen thru. No one here would happen to be travelling alone or in a group of odd numbers and was forced to buy a dreamville package + full madness pass for weekend 2 for 2 or more people?

I just need 1 x full madness pass and 1x dreamville pass for weekend 2 :)

Shout out if you can help out

2014, April 4 - 3:43am

Hey me and my girlfriend a going to tomorrowland :) full madness weekend 1 and we looking to go with a group :) if someone is interested us can msg on Facebook not long now :))) brandon machuca pacheco my fb name we are from Sydney ;)

2014, June 29 - 10:51pm

Hi all. My best mate and I are heading to TL weekend 2 and are camping in Dreamville. Anyone looking to catch up or get a group together for camping?

2015, February 6 - 9:50am

Hey I'm looking to go with someone! whats your fb, ill hit you up :)?