Which festival and why?

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Submitted by Kizza on 2012, March 26 - 3:11pm

As spring is finally here and British Summer Time begins...I am keen to know who is going to what festival, and why?

We have talked endlessly about the festivals that are going on, who is headlining and who is rumoured to be going. We have obviously lost Glasto this year, which will change the kinds of things that people might go to.

For me, I think this year I am going to try Boomtown, the festival near me. I really fancy a smaller, more localised festival and want zero hassle!

What about you guys? Where are you planning on going and why?

What will you choose this year? Will you stick to the festivals that you know and love or will you venture to something new? Is there one particular act that you want to see?

For me, I am hoping that next year will see Bloc Party return. They make a festival for me. In my opinion, because I am sad, a festival without them just isn't the same.

I think a change this year from the big festivals will be interesting. I may even try one or two other small festivals like End of the Road or Wilderness!

2012, April 20 - 7:30pm

I think it was at its peak in the 90s, when it would book classic headliners like Radiohead, Pulp and Nirvana. I mean, those sets have gone down in history, man!

But then again, festivals have to move with the times, you know? I gotta respect the 90s has been and gone.

Oh I feel really bad saying all of this, though, as I know you are going this year ha ha =(. Please forgive me! But seriously, this year is a MAJOR improvement on last year, so that is good! There are some great smaller bands, plus I would love to see the Foo Fighters =P!