Internet Cat Video Festival

The Internet Cat Video Film Festival is a North American film festival featuring cat videos as chosen by a panel of judges. The festival was conceived as a modest celebration to bring online communities together in the real world. #catvidfest has since become its own viral phenomenon, drawing more than 10,000 fans to each of festival debuts and winning the attention of local, national, and international audiences and media.

Holy Ship!

Holy Ship! is a festival in a category all of its own. The premise is simple: a three day festival on a luxury liner. The festival/ship departs from Miami and goes to the Bahamas, stopping at several islands, and returns. Parties featuring DJs are held both on-board the ship, and on the islands. The ship, the MSC Diva, is a brand new luxury liner and includes a disco, restaurants, a spa, a pool, and a casino.

Organiser's book big electronic dance music acts every year, so the music is not just a gimmick, it plays a central part in the festival.

$699 per person for a double cabin


Set in the pretty campus of the Lake Tahoe Community College, SnowGlobe promises to be an unusual experience. Spanning from a couple days after Christmas to New Year's, organisers have taken advantage of a time most people take off work, to capitalise on the holiday spirit. Although the festival has been going on for only three years, those running the festival have managed to book consistently impressive line ups.

South Lake Yahoe
$164 for General Admission

Monterey Jazz Festival

Located on the coastline between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Moterrey is host to one of the biggest and oldest annual jazz festivals in the world. Started in 1958, making it one of the oldest jazz festivals in the world. Since its inception it attracted some of the biggest names in the world of jazz, including Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, and Billie Holiday. The festival includes 8 stages, is out in the open at the 20-acre Monterey Fairgrounds. Festival goers, in adition to the concerts, can attend a variety of exhibitions, workshops and discussions.

$225 for the Full Weekend Arena Package