BBC Introducing and AIF presents...Driving Lolita

As part of our interview series Wikifestivals presents The Wiki 10, a set of questions answered by the exciting and fresh artists selected as part of a BBC and AIF initiative, which sees upcoming artists given the opportunity to not only play at the recently passed Hackney Weekend, but also at other large festivals in the UK calender!

Previously we interviewed Lil Simz, Lola King and The Kickstarts, and Kersha Bailey, My Panda Shall Fly and next up it's Driving Lolita, who are set to appear at Bingley Music Live this weekend.

The following questions were answered by D-Code - founder, writer, producer and vocalist for Driving Lolita

Those of us yet to hear your sound, how would you describe your music?

Like the Chemical Brothers making love to Primal Scream on a bed of The Clash

How was your experience on the BBC Introducing stage at Hackney Weekend?

Superb. Being given the opportunity to play at such a seminal event was a big achievement for us. The last time I played a BBC Introducing stage was when I was a DJing on Radio 1, so being back on that stage with the full band, and a new sound was like a re-birth!

If you could headline any festival of your choice, which would you choose and why?

Glastonbury. It's a festival which has influenced and inspired me both as an artist and as a music lover. I've seen my favourite acts perform there and well as discover so many new ones. I've been privileged enough to DJ there since 2004 so headlining the main stage with my band would be incredible.

What was the first festival you ever attended?

Glastonbury again! I was bewildered for 3 days, wading through mud, making random friends, no wellies and I lost my underwear (don't ask!). I had to DJ at 5am and the guy before me got slapped by a punter for playing a remix of Britney Spears.

How do you feel about your up coming slot at Bingley Music Live? What do you think that people took away from your performace?

Excited and admittedly overwhelmed. We're still a young band so being booked to open a main stage within a year of debuting is a great achievement for us. We're planning something special to mark the occasion. People can expect something new. Rock n Roll in a new dynamic way. And not a wobbling bass line in sight!

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any releases or tours that we can look forward to?

Touring is our priority this year. We want to perform our material as much as possible and bring it to the people before even thinking about plans to release.

Of the other 18 acts who had been chosen for this great AIF and BBC Introducing opportunity, who would you recommend and why?

Shezar. I'm a big fan of gospel music and Shezar's live show was full of outlandish sparks influenced by the genre . Full of life, full of soul, an all round musical banquet.

Have you got any other festival appearances booked other than your Bingley Music Live performance?

There are a few secret and after hours appearances planned at a few more festivals this year shhhhhhh!

What would be the ultimate piece of advice you could to anyone attending a festival for this first time this year?

Take wet wipes. Lots of them. Keep an emergency £20 in your phone case

Lastly, of all the festivals in the UK, which ones would you recommend that music fans check out and why?

Bestival. Great music, great location, great costumes, great people. Just great.